Where are configuration breadcrumbs specified in module code?

Hi folks, I have a custom module and in Ignition 8 there’s a nice breadcrumb at the top of a configuration page. Does anyone know how I control this in my module? Specifically, I’m trying to figure out how to get it to say Config > Seeq > Settings instead of Config > > Seeq Settings.

Have you implemented GatewayHook.getConfigCategories()? Think those breadcrumbs come from your current category/page.

If not implemented, something like this is probably what you want:

// will need to update the values passed to constructor according to your actual names/properties
// the 900 represents an 'order number', for where your category shows up on the lefthand panel
    public static final ConfigCategory SEEQ_CATEGORY = new ConfigCategory("seeq", "seeq.config.menu.title", 900);

    public List<ConfigCategory> getConfigCategories() {
        return Collections.singletonList(SEEQ_CATEGORY);

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Yes I do have that code… I think the thing I’m missing is how the breadcrumb is constructed. I.e., why do I have a “blank” breadcrumb entry: Config > > Seeq Settings

Ok, I was able to replicate the behavior in the gateway-webpage example we have in our example repo. I’ll try and get it updated in the next day or two with the proper structure so that the breadcrumbs display the category path correctly (looks like the category keys need to match for the category and page, but I’ll have to play with it and verify).

Thank you Perry!

I’ve got a PR against the gateway-webpage example that fixes up the breadcrumb issue. You’ll want to make sure that when you construct your IConfigTab, the value of the name field matches up with the right-hand value returned from #getMenuLocation() in your config page. That should get everything hooked up correctly.

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