Where are Launch Icons shown as defined in Project Properties?

Within the Project Properties there is a section for Perspective and then a Launch Icon image upload box. I know that uploading an image into this displays the chosen image when using the Perspective Mobile App, as well as from the Ignition Gateway where you choose a project to work on, but I have yet to see where else that image is displayed.
I’ve searched in the user manual but it does not specify exactly where it is being used, could someone let me know if I am missing something or if the Mobile App and the project selection screen are actually the only places its used?


edit to remove incorrect info

It is also used when creating Perspective Workstation desktop shortcuts of a project

Is that were in the Perspective Workstation you would click the 3 dot stack next to the name of the project and select Create Shortcut? Because when I do that it still creates the shortcut image as the Perspective Workstation logo.


Hi, I'm using Ignition 8.1.24 and I just created a shortcut for a perspective application on the Perspective Workstation and it didn't show the configured icon on the project.

isn't it working anymore? or What is happening?

I may have been wrong about that setting at that time. I don't see anything in the documentation to back it up.

I see, well it can be configured directly on the shortcut, but it would be nice if the workstation directly puts the configured icon on the shortcut, thank you.