Where are the Tag Providers tags located in the Ignition Gateway Files?

Where are the Tag Providers tags located in the Ignition Gateway Files?.

I thought all the tags and UDTs were stored in the Config.idb file in the db folder on the Ignition Gateway. Upon trying to manually copy it I've noticed it doesn't get everything specifically the UDTs.

Is this the wrong place?

That is the right place, but what makes you think you can just copy it? It is the complete gateway configuration (in SQLite DB format) other than project resources.

Instead of trying to manage all tags providers json files separately. I was attempting to see if I could get all the tags source controlled by adding the config.idb file.

I realize there are disadvantages to this strategy.

I’ve used the exportTags function in the past but it was really easy for people to not run that script. Since putting it into an update script to commit my tags changes I also always have to open a something in the designer. so it sees it as an update.

And running it periodically is a no go because then we have no idea who made the change since the periodic script will be a generic git account that commits the tag change.

So since I thought all the tags were stored in the config.idb i source controlled that file. Then upon rebuilding my docker containers I am pulling that config.idb down then starting ignition.

This strategy has worked for everything except the tag providers UDTs which don’t appear to be brought over.

I’ve read the best practices source control article by inductive it’s just very limited strategy interms of who has made what changes. Doesn’t provide much visibility and allow for approval process in our source control.


Well, IA doesn't really pitch full-gateway source control for current Ignition versions. It is a highly anticipated aspect of the future v8.3. (No more config.idb at all.)


{ SQLite is a binary file format. Not practical to source control. Also not safe to read/write while Ignition is running. }

FWIW the axone git module can dump tags.

I’d advise against doing this on a production box though.