Where are the wrapper logs in Linux?

According to Obtaining Ignition Logs, under Linux the Wrapper log files could be in either:


Neither of those locations exist in my Debian installation. So where else should I be looking?

Did you use the installer or the zip distribution? And what version did you install?

yeah … I should have mentioned. V8, Maker, from the installer

Okay, so I think wherever you chose to install it while running the installer then will just have a logs directory in it. The new installer in 8.0.14+ no longer explodes things all over the filesystem like the old one did on Linux.

After looking back at my notes I remembered where Ignition was installed, and in looking in there I discovered the Wrapper log. FWIW it was in my case under:


I didn’t keep very good notes on the installation so I’m not sure if this is the default location, or one that I specified when installing it.

That sounds like a good candidate for the default location to me.

It does, but that knowledge base article threw me for a loop as it doesn’t have the “bin” sub dir mentioned in it.

I’ll let the documentation/training team at this needs a little update.

It’s part of ignition.conf in /etc.