Where are there example windows to download?

Is there a place of example window exports that I can import to alter? So if I want a proven out CRUD page where most of the work is done for me already and I can use the methods without starting from scratch this would be a big help! I would love to know if there is a page to geek out on developed windows by others. I have even seen it where you can view by popularity or download count and these seem to expedite development, learning, and ideas.

My current need is advanced filtering techniques with data box. I can see how its done in the university but the question above covers a lot more. When I started GUI type stuff in MS Access the examples were abundant for the taking cutting down on time used in creating good looking screens and developing ideas.

So far I found:


Within the Designer we have the project templates:

In terms of example windows/components there’s also the Cloud Templates browser:

I have gone through all that. Very useful! What I am getting at is if I search “filter” or “Crud” or “data”; there isnt much offered that I thought there could be in the way of importing a screen that has all the settings and scripts that would just need altered to fit my needs. If I watch the video in the university and its what I need then that window should be a quick import from a .proj file or have a corresponding template from the cloud. I am not finding this anywhere. Does anyone else looked for this or come up with ideas somewhere?

This is my first post. :slight_smile: I have been designing for about a month now and am in the middle area of dangerously smart and still stupid at the same time!

Have you downloaded the Ignition Demo project?

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I was able to eventually open the projects, save the .proj files, and then import them into my project to use items already developed to speed me along. It wasn’t very easy and took a bit to figure out today with some issues. Some of the forms wouldn’t open and I am assuming a java issue because it wanted me to use 1.6 and I am at 1.8 possibly? I still think a lot of items could be added somewhere for easy importing. For instance finding out how to display row count on a table turned out a bit different script than I would have thought but when imported I could manipulate it and use it instantly. That saves me an hour times 100 of these small things to learn. And now did I compromise hardware efficiency of the application by importing all this to my project?

Have you gone through the on-line Inductive University? You are asking many questions and experiencing basic misunderstandings that are addressed by the free training.

I go through the parts in IU when I come across things I dont know at all. Then find out its only part of what I need which is fine because like you said it addresses things. So then I search the forum which is a good place to poke around also. I wouldn’t get stuck on my supporting phrase you pulled there when I am using small items to share the big picture. I ended up finding this in the example project…

len({Root Container.Table.data}) + " row(s)"

Python function len is not covered in the 5min 30sec video on python functions at the IU. But when I see the example expression in the project and copy paste it over I skipped all the research that still didn’t get me the solution I needed to count rows on the table object.

So I still think a common place of maybe .proj file downloads of items on screens to plug into your project could be a great idea and would speed up development by users. Its essentially copy pasting someone else’s work which is what I do with my own work a lot anyways after I figure it out.

The example projects do allow me to do this to an extent and it doesn’t seem to open a lot of the screens in my application for some reason. I am moving along very well. Next item today is to have the table filter a column as I type in my text box my like criteria. An example of this for import and I would probably be done in 15 minutes but it will take me about 3 hours I think.

That’s because in this context, len({Root Container.Table.data}) is an expression, not a Python script. They happen to share the same name, because len() is a common programming construct, but the Python video on IU is meant to cover Ignition scripting, not general Python knowledge (though, I believe Training is planning to overhaul the user manual section on scripting, which may mean more videos at some point.

The len() expression function is covered in the appendix area of the manual here, as are all of the other expression functions, and everything added to the global Python namespace by Ignition.