WHERE Clause in Query for DropDown Box

I have a drop down Box That I populate with the following Data Binding Query.

I get the following results.

I’m trying to eliminate null cells and also ones with “New Unit” in them.
I am able to make one clause or the other work but not both of them at the same time.
When I drop the second condition (OR) and use just the NOT LIKE Clause -

WHERE unit1 NOT LIKE "%New Unit"

The drop down looks like this -

Or I can drop the NOT LIKE condition and my dropdown will not display the Blank slot but will have two New Units.

How can I fix my query to sort out both “New Unit” and null cells?

WHERE unit1 NOT LIKE "%New Unit%" AND unit1 != " "
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That was too easy.
I was thinking that if I used AND then cell would have to meet both Conditions to not be displayed.
Thank you.