Where did exporting tags to a CSV file go?

Cannot Export tags to a CSV file anymore in SQLTags Browser. Importing allows a CSV, but Exporting only allows for XML format now.

I’m running 7.6.3-rc3

Yeah, we removed it in 7.6 in favor of XML.

It will be brought back in 7.6.4 due to popular demand, but will only supported a limited set of a tag’s configuration, most notably alarm configuration will not be present.

Were exporting to a CSV really helps out is to figure out the format that Ignition is looking for on a CSV import. I haven’t found any documentation that shows how the CSV needs to be formatted for importing.

When is 7.6.4 being released? The CSV import is the best way for me to get my tags into the project in the format that translates properly.

Did the CSV format for importing change in the last year? I may have a previous csv i can get the format from.

The format hasn’t changed, you should still be able to reference an older export.

I haven’t used the older version of Ignition so I don’t know the required format for importing the tags in a .csv format. Is it possible to share that with me as well.


Here is a sample export, it will show the format. You can also bring tags into the designer and do your own CSV export, if you are using 7.5 or earlier.

How would you incorporate options that aren’t covered in these CSVs? ex, Priority and Shelving Allowed come up as options for alarm configuration of tags, however neither the CSVs we’ve had from previous versions nor the example CSV you provided above have these available. The XML export have these labeled as priority and shelvingAllowed, can we add columns titled as such to the end of the import CSVs and set them to desired values? We are currently running 7.6.2.

Those options are supported by the XML import only I believe.

Unfortunately Ignition 7.6 does not support any of the alarming features in the CSV exports. The complexity of the tag structure with the addition of the alarming properties is the reason for the switch to XML.

Ignition version 7.6.4 has reintroduced the ability to export tags as a CSV. HOWEVER, exporting the tags to CSV will not export the alarming properties. You will lose the configured alarm properties. You will be prompted with a popup dialog box when you attempt to do a CSV export.