Where did the Vision go?

I created a new project and at the first time I launched Project, I was able to see Vision and Perspective. I even created 2 windows in Vision, however as my laptop got hang I had to force restart laptop. Since then whenever I open a project “FirstProject”, I am not able to see Vision stuff in it. Also reset panel menu looks different and shows only Perspective related panels. What caused this and how can I restore Vision here? Is this a bug?

I have uploaded 2 pics along with topic for reference. My system details,

OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
Ignition: version 8 (Installed fresh one; did not upgrade)

Do you need anything? Shall I uplaod wrap log too?

Wrapper log and a screenshot of the modules page in the Ignition gateway would help.

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for quick reply.

Here is the module screenshot,

Below is the wrapper log,

Gateway side looks okay. Maybe there is an error happening in the Designer when it loads the Vision module or the project that was open when your computer crashed…

Yes, after I created new project this did not happen…But my concern is what if I had created screens in Vision screen? Would I be able to take export or not? Is this an issue or just happend for the first time?

If you zip up the project directory (found at $IGNITION/data/projects/$projectName) and send it into support they may be able to reproduce the issue and fix the project or recover most resources.

Okay thanks, there is one more issue with the gateway as it stops opening suddenly. It says page cannot be reached, gateway cannot be restarted from gwcmd, I had to un-install & re-install the Ignition for it… I shall post if I face it again.