Where do i find good example project explaining how to work with complex templates/UDTs?

Could you please help me to find a good reference project showing templates/UDTs?
Am i right thinking that when template is used it always needs to have corresponding UDT structure? Is it the same as creating template custom properties or something else?

A UDT defines a template for tags and a Vision Template (or Perspective View “template”) is a template for graphic elements. Usually the graphic template would show tags which naturally tends to use a UDT as well.

For Perspective View templates or Vision Templates, I recommend passing in the UDT’s parent tag path and its instance name as parameters which you then combine in the template as another property. Then you can use this property inside indirect tag bindings to read the tag values from your UDTs


Absolutely not. And as Nick points out, not necessarily recommended. (I, personally, never use UDT parameters.)

UDTs are wonderful for ensuring conformity in your tag tree, along with fast creation of common structures. Vision Templates are user interface tools that ensure conformity in your UI along with fast creation of repeating UI elements. Seems like the same task, but they don’t have to be used together.

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thanks a lot for replies
I am well impressed by the good support on ignition forum.