Where do I find the upgrades?

Hi all: I’ve been cruising around your site trying to find where the upgrades are available for download. All I’ve found is the full trial version on the download page. If I want to upgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 do I download the whole shebang and reinstall it? Thx.

Download the Online Unified Installer - you can re-use it since downloads come from the web site. The “Normal” installation should download upgrades to pieces that are outdated. Selecting “Custom” will let you choose what you want to upgrade.


Nope, its right there on the downloads page! Its called the “Unified Upgrader”

Sounds like you suffer from the same ailment as I do: refrigerator blindness

Ha ha! I’ll pass that one on…

Yeah - I suffer from that same ailment…