Where do technical development questions belong?

Hi. Where should I be putting technical development questions?

I’ve been using the “Ignition Design Help” forum for questions concerning development with the embedded Python scripting interface, but it feels like that forum should be for less technical and more abstract questions. Also, I seem to crossover with the “Ignition Feature Requests” forum quite a bit- if I have a question that is likely to turn into a feature request, should I just put the post in the feature requests forum in the first place?

I’ve been using “Module Discussion” for questions concerning development with the module SDK, but that feels more like a forum for discussion and questions about using existing modules, rather than developing them. Maybe a new forum could be added for SDK questions?


Actually, that's fine right there! :thumb_right:

Not necessarily. Mostly because there's a chance that it won't turn into one. However, if a topic exists elsewhere, you should definitely reference it in the first post in the feature request.[quote="systemparadox"]Maybe a new forum could be added for SDK questions?
There actually is a forum for module developers. Get the IA guys to add you on the list. :slight_smile:

Python scripting questions are welcome. If your script is not functioning as it should, and you are sure it is written correctly, you can put it in “Ignition Problems”. For more theoretical questions about scripting, you can put those in “Ignition Design Help”. This can be extrapolated for other components of Ignition too: if something is broken, put it in Problems; if you are trying to conceptualize something, try Design Help.

Thanks. The ‘module developers’ forum was completely hidden to me, so I did not even know it existed.