Where does script run?

When we run a script written on a mouseClicked event, does this script run on a client computer’s processor. Also, when we call the shared script on above event where does this script run?

Any script fired from the GUI runs on the client.

Shared scripts are just used to define functions you can call from the server or the client. They get loaded on all involved computers.

Scripts fired from tag triggers and gateway events run on the server, except when the tag is a client tag.

We often use tag triggers to let some script run on the server: by toggling the tag in the gui, the trigger will be launched and fire a script on the server.

The alternative way (handy when you need to pass more data) is using the messaging functionality: https://support.inductiveautomation.com/usermanuals/ignition/index.html?system_util_sendmessage.htm

Thank you @Sanderd17 for your reply.

How does script run on client computer even with no Python installed?

It’s Jython, so Python interpreted inside a Java environment. The Python interpreter just gets downloaded as a Java library, together with all other Java code in the jar or jnlp.

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Thanks a lot @Sanderd17.