Where does the Vision View thumbnail come from?

I have a couple of views in this project I inherited that, when I hover the mouse pointer over the view in the Project Browser, I see something completely different from what I see when I edit the view.

These views are made up of nothing more than the Root Container, which has 3 custom properties: a Boolean and 2 Dataset’s. Yet when I hover, I see a thumbnail with some graphic.

Where is this thumbnail coming from and why do I see something completly different when I edit the view?

The thumbnails are periodically regenerated (I’d have to look into exactly when, but probably on save) in the designer and cached with the resource. Presumably you’ve opened and saved the window in question at this point; what if you add an innocuous component, save, then remove it again?

Actually no, I’ve not yet opened/saved. I’m still in the make no changes part of picking up this project; just trying to figure out how it’s all put together.

It seems there are many artifacts in this project, with no use other than to confuse and confound me.