Where is my Database?

I am just learning Ignition! 7.8 and I am trying to see where my data is going. I have a MySQL 5.7 server and it looks like the projects I’m working on are pointing to MYSQL database but I can’t find it on the server. The listed SCHEMAS does not show “MYSQL”. Any guidance appreciated.

I found this on the web …

you can hide the data base by putting :

$cfg[‘servers’][$i][‘hide_db’] = ‘information_schema’;

Is that what Ignition! does? How do I find out attribute (column) names and table names? Am I getting too granular here?

I found this which showed MYSQL database

  • Open MySQL Workbench.
  • From the tabs at the top of the window, select ‘Edit->Preferences… ‘.
  • From within the Workbench Preferences window, click on ‘SQL Editor’.
  • In the Sidebar section of the SQL Editor window, check the box titled ‘Show Metadata and Internal Schemas’, then click ‘OK’. The Workbench Preferences window will now close.
  • In the Navigator pane of the Workbench, go to the SCHEMAS section, and click the refresh icon.[/list]

You should now be able to see all schemas in your MySQL server instance.

but still don’t really see the logging.

So this creates another question…should my Ignition! database be something other than MYSQL???

Should I point my projects to a database called say “ignition”???

How do the tables get created? Do I have to create them myself of does Ignition! create them??

To see the exact DB you’re connecting to

  1. Open up the Ignition web client (localhost:8088 if you’re on the same computer Ignition was installed on)
  2. Click on the “Configure” option and log it (default username: admin, default password: password)
  3. In the menu bar on the left find the area called “Databases” and click on the “Connections” option
  4. The name of the connection you create here will be the name of the “Default Database” you see there in your project settings. Note that this name has absolutely nothing to do with the name of any schema in the database itself.
  5. If you already have a database setup click on the “Edit” option to see what schema you’re connecting to/edit security/ all sorts of stuff.

See the databases section of Inductive University for more information on connecting to and using databases with ignition.

MySQL works fine, someone recently suggested PostgreSQL and had some very interesting points about why to use it. It’s up to you though.

Ignition automatically creates the tables as needed unless you specify what to do. For example, if you setup authentication to store usernames and passwords in the database then it has automatic settings you can use or it gives you the option to overwrite those defaults with your own SQL commands (all of which is done from the gateway)