Where is the perspective map cache?

I am currently working on a new project where I need the perspective map component to be functional on a server that isn't connected to the internet. I know that the map component will save a certain quantity of map tiles to the cache, and these files will stay in that cache even if the server loses connection to the internet.
I have 2 semi-related questions:

  1. Where is the map cache? Specifically, is it a file or something that I could write to? (All I hope to do is write a saved copy of the cache back into the cache when the server reboots.)
  2. Is there any way to change the map cache so that it's memory isn't volatile? (This would only work if the cache wasn't in RAM, or if we have the ability to change the location of the cache.)

Thanks for your help,

I don't recall where the cache is, but the correct answer for your situation is to host the map tiles yourself. See the .layers property in the map component documentation.