Where is the tag icon?

I went to get a tag icon from the builtin images but can’t find one.

Good call, they are not in the built-in folder. I have attached a zip of them here.
tag_icons.zip (26.7 KB)


I am looking to use the tag icons (and folder icons) as well, but that link is dead now. Would it be possible to upload those again?

imgimport.zip (2.3 MB)

Here’s the full set of ‘Builtin’ images that are automatically added to a fresh Ignition install.

The builtin images don’t include the icons from the tag browser. I was able to make the ones I need by taking screenshots and cropping them in Paint. Because I cropped from a white background they’re already anti-aliased with white (attempting to add transparency will still leave a white edge), but here are the basic tag browser icons (except for query tags) if anybody else needs to use them on a white background.

The originals are in the client-api.jar file under the images/sqltags folder. They are available programmatically using IconUtil.geRootIcon(“path/to/base/name”), omitting “images/” and the file extension.

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Here is a zip file with the tag icons.

tags.zip (115.5 KB)