Where is the top of the class path?


Inside Ignition jsonschema library there is this code:

1 try {
2    URL url = new URL(schemaUrl);
3    parentSchema = factory.getSchema(url);
4 } catch (MalformedURLException var10) {
5    InputStream is = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(schemaUrl);
6    parentSchema = factory.getSchema(is);
7 }

Where schemaurl is the path to the file.

However, the line 5 always return nulls. I have been searching and found this.

As you may see, that line executes from the top of the class path, and if I put a wrong path it doesn't get the file.

My question is:

Where is the top of the class path? It is dependent or I'm doing something wrong?

This function is inside a library that is called from a python file whose function is called using a button.