Where might I find the user defined modules

I am trying to see where Ignition backs up my script modules so others might use them…
Does anyone know?
I have them stored under app.something.file inside the ignition developer.

They’re stored inside project resources, not in text files on the gateway or anything like that. They’ll have to look at them in the designer.

I think making this more flexible is something that has been brought up before… I’ll check with the others.

If we have a set of modules that we are developing, how do I update a coworkers’ modules on a project they are working on so we are working from the same set of functions?

You have to export the functions from the Script Modules window in the Ignition designer and import them into another designer. You can either select the entire app package or individual script modules. You can also copy and paste the functions from one designer to another but exporting gives you a nice file ending with .py.

Unfortunately, script modules cannot be shared between Ignition projects right now (without exporting and importing).

This is something we have our eye on changing in the future, though I don’t have any kind of timeline I can give you.