Where Templates are used

Is there a function/method for searching a project and finding where a specific template is being used in windows or in other templates? We have some rather large projects and I don’t want to have to open each page and look through them.

I’ve tried the “Find/Replace” with no luck.

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which Find/Replace are you using? the one in the tag browser or the one under the Edit/Find/Replace?
I just tested it, deselected everything but “windows” and typed my tag name and it found them.
Actually I take it back. I think it found it because the window was already open. how many windows do you have in your project?
This definitely seems to be something they missed because the whole point of find function is to find stuff regardless of a window being open or not.

Next to the checkbox for looking in windows, there’s a dropdown for whether to look in all windows vs. selected windows vs. open windows. Open windows is just the default.

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Boom! I take it back! they did not missed it! I did… lol

ah. yeah that default option on the Window search of only “Open Windows” was what I missed.
That was the issue. Glad I didn’t have to search our 250 windows!