Where to buy MS-SQL

We usually buy regular PC’s or Servers for our Ignition installs and get them with MS-SQL. However, I have to buy an IPC / Din rail PC this time and most vendors don’t offer MS-SQL.I am scared of the Express version because of the RAM limitations and the speed of this machine.

  1. Where do you buy MS-SQL by itself?
  2. What is “SQL Server RUNTIME 2019 IoT ESD OEI 1 Client Standard” license and does ignition qualify for that? (Advantech is offering that cheaply)

Thanks for your input!

Description of the IoT runtime license.

Basically it’s for a specific use and only for that use. Since you’re putting this on an IPC, I gonna guess that it’s going to be for a specific machine for cell. Ignition should qualify in that instance. You will need extra CALs though for anyone wanting to access the data that Ignition puts into it.

Anecdote: I was looking to install 2019 Standard for a new system, but found out that if I used it, the rather draconian licensing (aside from the CALs) would have forced us to upgrade all of our SQL Server instances to 2019. Across the enterprise. Worldwide. Dumbest thing I’d ever heard, but I abandoned MS altogether after that.

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Yeah… we used to standardize on MSSQL for our customers sites with a competitor that rhymes with underware. Once we switched to Ignition we standardized on MySQL and only do MSSQL when a customer is handling the licensing. It is so incredibly confusing and expensive.

@jimjohnson Honestly we have had the best luck going to CDW or another authorized Microsoft vendor and working with them to properly price out the solution that we need.

Are you really standardized on MySQL instead of MariaDB? I would consider that unwise, considering the vast majority of code contributors went to the fork.

Well we are slow. :smiley: It’s like trying to move the titanic. I’d rather totally move to Postgresql but that is a bigger hill to climb.