Where to find alarm cache file

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Is anyone here knows where to locate the alarm cache file in install directory folder.

What type of file is it?



The alarming cache is opaquely serialized data in an undocumented format. It’s located in the install directory, in data/, and will have a name like .alarms_${someLongInteger}.

Hi PGriffith,

Thanks for your fast reply.

I don’t know why I can’t see that file.

Should the gateway needs to be stop before it appear on that folder? Should it have an active alarm?

The main reason why I asked where the alarm cache file is located is that I can’t acknowledge my active alarm and it generate a logged stating "An alarm could not be acknowledged. It may no longer be registered. Event details:****… "

But anyway, my problem solved after I restarted the gateway.

Thanks a lot PGriffith.