Where to run the script for creating Boolean OPC tags


I have csv file (Data Mapping from third party) and I am novice to Ignition. Where should I run the Script which will create Boolean tags?
Also, if there are any more to know let me know. '
Thank you.

Actually, anywhere. You may create a tag manually, check out all properties, then copy the tag's json into your script as tag configuration.

there are bunch of tags

I would create a single tag, and then use system.tag.getConfiguration to view the tag configuration.

Then using system.tag.configure and possibly a carefully crafted list of tags, or even directly reading the CSV file, create all the tags needed.

I would NOT do this the first time in a production environment. Spin up a gateway isolated from production that mirrors as much as possible the production environment and do your importing/testing there. And then once you are happy you can simply either export the tags from your development environment and import into your new one, or just run your script on the production environment.