Where to store project-level parameters

an architectural question:
i built several similar projects, and each of them takes data from a his table.
then i built a component, querying with a parametrized sql tablename (i can place the same component to have different behaviour).
i need to store the DB table name somewhere visible at project level, but i’ve noticed that:

  • a tag has whole server scope
  • dynamic properties have window scope (i should repeat it for each window)
    i am searching for something in intermediate level, insertable in sql queries, is it there?!
    thank you

how about in a client tag?client tags are attached to the projects that they reside in.

perfect RTFM style, +10 for diat150 :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you!

Client tags are scoped to the instance running, which is smaller than the project. In other words, a client tag on one computer can be a different value than that same tag running the same project on another computer. That may be what you’re looking for building dynamic SQL queries on a client based on user input.

yes, i’m trying it and it seems what i needed. thanx