Which gateway is the designer connected to?

Is there any indicator in the Designer that shows which gateway it’s connected to? I have multiple gateways in the Designer Launcher (Local, Dev, Prod) and once I open the Designer, I can’t tell which one I’m actually connected to.

I wish the Designer Name or Gateway Address was in the title or status bar.

I noticed that the Gateway name is in the title bar, but I had to name my gateways the same so that tag paths don’t break in the Power Chart when deploying code.



You can open the Help → About Ignition Designer menu and see the actual gateway address you’re connected to.

We should probably put it into the icon on the bottom bar, though.

Thanks, that does show the gateway address. I couldn’t find it.

The gateway name in the title bar would be useful if the Power Chart didn’t use the name in the tag path.

How else would you suggest multiple gateways logging history into the same database are disambiguated?

Isn’t it in the title bar? EDIT: Just noticed you already mention it. Sorry 'bout that.



I’ve only been using one gateway, but now I understand why the gateway name is used.

It would be great to see address somewhere in the status bar.


We’re planning to add more gateway information in a popup to the little ‘gateway connection’ icon. I think that’d be a useful place for the address. In the majority of scenarios, I think the actual address in the title bar would just be noise, though I can understand why it’s useful for you in your setup.


You can also find the address under Help–>Diagnostics–though I like @PGriffith’s idea.

I’ve referred to this on occasion in Designer and Vision clients as we run the same projects on multiple servers.