Which is the best free SQL Database can you recommend?


We are interested install ignition in our company, we were thinking install MSSQL2016 Standart, but there are others free alternatives. Can you recomend me which is the best free option of SQL Database to use? (MSSQL Express have to low performance).


I always choose PostgreSQL when a customer leaves the decision to me. But I expect you’ll get many answers.

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This article might help, when you have to face the MySQL (or MariaDB) vs. PostgreSQL question. I think the licensing point is particularly important in the system integration world.

We use MariaDB and it has been pretty awesome for us so far. Especially if you are able to utilize TokuDB compression. Historian data is compressed substantially.

The Database Module embeds the H2 SQL database engine into Ignition. It is the easiest and fasted way to get started using databases in Ignition.

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PostgreSQL is an absolute mastodon, I would recommend beginning with it.
SQLite is also a very good option, it’s extremely lightweight and easy-to-use.
Read this article to learn the pros and cons of other database solutions.