Which is the right module for me?

Hello everyone
I am working on this water park/playground project in which I need to control various pumps/solenoids etc… I need to use a cost effective HMI to control all the operations, the amount of tags is about 300 and I only need one client local to a Compactlogix or micrologix PLC .
I have been playing around with ignition panel edition and I found it fits the purpose very well in every aspect for the only exception that I need to be able to store history for alarms/alerts. Reading the inductive automation site it looks like if I just purchase the SQL Bridge limited and add it to the free panel edition I will not be able to view the alarm history log/table.
Could someone please tell me which module I need to buy to be able to have an alarm log? and which way do I go in creating it ? Do I have to purchase the Vision standard and the SQL Bridge limited? I would be happy to have any kind of log, even external to the ignition program, the ideal situation would be to have a history alert table in one of the ignition windows
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

All you need is just the Vision module full or limited (not panel). You can purchase a single client if you want.

Hello and thanks for the reply. How much would it be to purchase a single client vision module?
Also on the price comparison chart page it states that to see SQL history tags I need vision and SQL bridge, could you clarify that if possible?

The SQL Bridge will allow you to store your PLC data into a SQL database. Without this module you will only be able to view realtime values.

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