Which license(s) do i need for this case?

I have been thinking first to make a C# program where i enter my work hours (like today 9 hours, tomorrow 7 hours) to get weekly and monthly totals, and then automatically create a pre-defined PDF with the invoice/bill to the customer where the data is taken from my inputs.

But i was thinking, perhaps i could do something nicely with ignition, get a real case thing going and be able to access over the interwebz (thinking SSL here should? suffice).

But what licenses do i need to make this happen, is it still the full one? I would need some kind of data access, could be a simple sqlite or postgressdb. This idea came to me to do instead of tossing up an nginx + mysql virtual machine.

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I use Ignition for a lot of office applications, I maintain a project that does exactly what you ask, timekeeping records/reporting.

You’ll need to determine whether you want Vision or Perspective as the Front end part of this project, or both.

You’ll need the reporting Module if you want to make PDF’s directly in Ignition which I would recommend.

Outside of that, I don’t think you need much else. You should contact one of the Ignition sales reps though. If you tell them what your specs are they can help guide you to what module licenses you would need.

You might also find that, if your needs are minor, resetting trial mode is not too burdensome.

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Though even an active trial will still have a watermark on all Reporting PDF exports.

Ah yes. I would then beg my IA sales guy for a defined-purpose freebie. (:

FWIW, I still generate the occasional internal PDF with an open-source PHP PDF generator that pre-dates Ignition…

This way i COULD use my home make edition, but its not fair towards IA (imho).
Since for once, its for my own company, instead of having to use an excel sheet like i do today,
but i can't justify a full license for only this user case scenario.
But for my small user case, might be too pricey for this.

I'm not ashamed to beg. IA can always say no if they think some use crosses the line. Not that I have asked for much in the way of freebies.