Which UI/ UX drawing tool should I use?

We are looking at which drawing tool suits us best to design industrial applications. I’m curious which drawing tool you use and why? Sketch, Figma, Drawio, Adobe or something else? Thanks in advance

As a web dev ive used Figma. Tho since i work with ignition i havent really had to do design as much anymore, so not sure if its usefull for industrial designs.

But Figma was pretty easy to use, works in the browser, so portable and not much setup required.
Its possible to add in some buttons that navigate to the ‘next view’ i believe so you have a somewhat interactable preview even.
It is made for websites, so it had some decent templates and its easy to drag in some default sizes (browser, phone, tables…)
Ive not really used the other tools

Should work fine for perspective atleast

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It may depend on what you are trying to draw! Could you add some insight into that?

  1. If you’re talking about adding vector graphics of industrial equipment:
    I’d recommend a tool like Adobe Illustrator ($$$) , Figma (free, with limitations) or Affinity ($). These are all robust, industry-standard tools for designing and manipulating vector graphics.

  2. If we’re talking more broadly about wireframing an application at-large or planning screen designs before getting into Ignition:
    Again, Figma excels here. You can easily wireframe large applications, add clickable, interactive prototype functionality and iterate on designs up to high, production-ready fidelity. Another advantage of Figma is that it’s web-based and OS-agnostic.
    Tools with about the same functionality as Figma include Sketch ($, mac-only) and Adobe XD ($$$).

  3. Another use case? Let me know and perhaps I can recommend other tools.


Just wanted to note that InVision and Zeplin are not drawing or design tools in and of themselves. They rely on designs (created in other applications) to be uploaded before they offer functionality. They’re primarily used by designers for presentation, collaboration and prototyping.

Balsamiq is a solid wireframing tool.