Which VM to use to connect to DB

Hello All,

I’m new to ignition and i decided to take on a big learning curve by also installing the software on Ubuntu server machines. I’m not all too familiar with linux but i’ve managed to get some Ubuntu 14.04 VM’s running with Ignition gateway running on two of them. I’m just “playing” around with the features at the moment so I’m not too worried about correct setup and architecture. My current setup is as follows:

VM 1 - Main Ignition Gateway. Will be used for development of everything from visuals to reports.
VM 2 - Ignition Gateway. Will be used mainly as an OPC-UA server.
VM 3 - MySQL. Used as the database server.

My question is if I want to use SQLTags and need to connect to the SQL database which gateway machine should I be using to connect to the database machine? VM1 or VM2? I read the SQLTag section in the manual about providers and driving providers but i’m still unclear about which machine should connect to the DB. Do I connect both?


what is your reasoning for using a separate gateway to act as a opc-ua server?

I would like for it to be dedicated to just that task and nothing more. At some point in the future I may end up using it as another OPC server that another SCADA software can use to access it. So keeping it limited to just this use makes sense to me rather than have an all in one machine.

VM 1 should take care of your needs. If VM 2 is licensed as an OPC Server only, then it won’t have any database connectivity nayway.

I have a similar setup, but in my scenario, each line has a PC set up as a router and Ignition OPC Server.