While Loop syntax

We are trying to get a While Loop to work comparing two variables, but we are getting name errors. Here’s my code: if dept == 928: y = 6 else: y = 21 x = 1 while x < y: print x x = x + 1 Any idea why the script is getting a “NameError”?

What line are you getting the NameError? Can you post the stack trace and the code?

What variable does the script say is getting a NameError on? Is “dept” declared somewhere before this code?

The NameError is on the “While” line - it doesn’t like our variable. We’ve tried “y”, “z”, “var”, etc. and it just doesn’t like it.

That same script you posted worked for me. Do you have a different script?

Here’s the stack trace:

Traceback (innermost last):
File “event:keyTyped”, line 11, in ?
NameError: y

and here’s the code:if event.keyChar == "\n": dept = event.source.parent.parent.getComponent("Title Department").Dept work = event.source.parent.parent.getComponent("Title Department").WC text = event.source.text if work != '': if dept == 928 and work == 18: y = 6 elif dept == 928 and work == 64: y = 21 x = 1 while x < y: if x < 10: bc = system.tag... else: bc = system.tag... x = x + 1

Ok well that changes the picture. It looks like you are not getting in either if statement to set the y variable. Add this line above the if dept == 928 and work == 18:y = 0That will fix it.

Thanks Travis! :mrgreen: