Who's running FSQL/FPMI servers on VMWare?

Just had an end user inquire about this. I’ve only used VMWare in a lab setting, although I plan on installing Ubuntu on my laptop and virtualizing Windows.

I’m told that several of our customers do this. Do you?

We have a number of customers who are running on VMWare now. It works perfectly.

The only thing you have to watch out for is RSLinx won’t run under VMWare. You have to use another OPC Server such as Kepware (which we have used under VMWare successfully).

Humm…seems like a configuration problem. Someone here claims that RSLinx works OK but not view. I’ll ask on another forum.

I would be surprised if Rockwell officially supported virtualization. Sticking with Kepware is good advice.

Lots of people, Rockwell techs included, say no problem with RSLinx and VMWare. A few issues:

  1. PCMCIA is not supported - VMWare issue
  2. USB must be configured as to which OS has control of it - VMWare issue