Why are my mobile client fonts wrong?

I just noticed because I was changing the projects fonts trying to make it more readable that it used the same font no matter what. I usually use Arial and it looks really close so I guess I didn’t notice it before (only our third mobile project). I’d appreciate it if anyone knew why this happens or even better how I could remedy it.

The mobile module actually generates its views of the project in a fake display back in gateway, then ships the images to your device. Which means that font rendering is in the gateway, and only the fonts installed in the gateway will be available. Java has algorithms to perform font substitutions when it cannot find a named font. I’m no expert on it, but I know the algorithms vary by platform, and can include platform services. It matters what OS your gateway is running.
There have been forum topics on dealing with Linux fonts – they might help you.

Thank you very much. That makes sense. I just couldn’t figure out who was determining the font. I’ll try to find those Linux Font forums.

Thanks pturmel I found the forum conversation you were talking about. Quite lengthy. I simply gleaned what I needed.
I used sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts That installed all the additional fonts I needed on my Ubuntu server. In case anyone is wondering, I was root I used sudo because it is a VM box and for some reason Ubuntu VMs will throw an error installing as root without it. I don’t know why it just works I am still an egg. Thanks again