Why can I not log into my perspective session after creating a Database Authentication mode?

Hi all,

I was attempting to create a database authentication mode for a project and so to make sure I didn't cause any errors I did it on a different project that was using a different user source and database connection. However, after creating this database authentication mode I was unable to log into any of my projects, they all give me this:

even though when I verify the user source that is linked to this project I get:

Has anyone encountered this issue or know how to fix it? I really don't understand what the issue I've created as the projects are on the same gateway, but had different user sources and database connections.

Thank you,


I would say check how the identity providers are configured to use your new database data source, and that your project is set to use this identity providers.


Thank you Hayden, It was under the identity provider. Both projects were using the same identity provider so when I made a new one it must have forced it to change from the default I'd set originally to the overall default of the system which is why I couldn't log in.