Why do I have to give my personal info every time I download a new edition of Ignition?

As you can see i am logged in the picture but I still have to fill out the form with all my info? (Which doesn’t actually accept existing phone numbers btw). Seems like this shouldn’t be an issue in 2021.

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You don’t, click the sneakily-styled “Skip form and download directly” link.


Ahhhh Kevin, you guys got me good all these years.


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that text has gotten lighter and lighter over the years. hopefully it doesnt disappear!

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I worked for IA for almost three years before I was informed of that link a few months ago. So much wasted time…


Could have gotten them from the network share too, though I think S3 might have faster transfer speeds regardless of your location…

Can I suggest that if I am logged into the IA website that I shouldn’t even be presented with that dialog box in the first place? :angry:

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You can suggest anything you want :wink:

I’ll try to figure out who to route that suggestion to… the IA staff on the forum are mostly Dev and QA and the website/IU/portals/etc are not under Dev.


On a scale from 1 to “on page 300 of a 1000 page license agreement” I give it a strong 7

Whoever thought this was a good idea should get forwarded all of the email bounce backs

I was on a shared desktop session with someone from customer support who showed it to me, and that support person immediately got all the appreciation. I can’t even remember if they helped me solve the problem I was initially talking to them about any more, but I was still happy that day.

(HINT: If you dig through the unofficial Ignition Docker script, you can figure out how to automate the download without even clicking.)

I once attended a session at one of the Ignition Community Conferences about UX, and the presenter mentioned “dark patterns”, and as soon as he explained what they were I thought of this pop-up.

The most agreed-upon definition is:

Dark [p]atterns are deceptive UX/UI interactions, designed to mislead or trick users to make them do something they don’t want to do.

Instructing new teammates about skipping the form is now part of the “onboarding” process.


I once described it as such here on the forums: Ignition Download Broken