Why does a csv report recreate the header every ~10 rows?

When I export my data table in csv format via email, the header is reproduced every 10 or so rows. I have went through all of the report table settings but have only managed to change it from every 4 to every ~10 somehow. I just want it just be a continuous list. Any ideas?

Are you exporting data from the reporting module to make the csv? In that case the headers are likely from each page of the report.

Instead, you should have a script that grabs all the same data that the report uses, convert it to excel using system.dataset.toExcel() and then use system.net.sendEmail() to distribute it


Ryan's correct, it's every page of the report. We do have a ticket [IGN-9172] to fix this, and I've linked this post to the ticket to get more visibility.