Why hello fellow boot campers

I thought I’d poke in here and say what’s up to everyone else who was at the boot camp. It was invaluable to me. I have my module using project resources exclusively, have it working with the project browser tree and RPC, and am well on my way to getting it complete.

I thought I’d throw a few pitfalls on here in case anyone else finds them valuable.

  1. Working with Project Resources
  • If you make an update to a project resource, you are responsible for processing that update on the designer manually. There are no methods automatically called (afaict). The ProjectListener’s projectResourceModified() doesn’t fire on local updates.
  1. Project Browser Tree
  • Extend from MutableNavTreeNode, and Always, always add children from left to right. Don’t create a node, create children, then add that node to the tree. Lots of bad things happen if you do that. Make sure you create a node, add it to the tree, then create the children.
  1. XML Serialization will give you a cryptic error if you forget to put a constructor with no parameters in your classes. If you’re getting a java.lang.InstantiationException, that’s probably why.

That’s all for now. Hope this helps someone :slight_smile: How’s everyone else’s programming going?

Hey Kevin,
Thanks for the advice!!.

My module went great, we just took an existing servlet we side loaded into FPMI, and converted it to a proper module with Store and Forward support. Works awesome.

Also, I am converting all of my proprietary client methods to Java, and they are far more flexible and efficient in Java. I even have CTG running with native Java calls!!

Good luck with your module, I may be calling you soon.

Hi guys,

I have hired my Java developers :smiley:

First we have to build the stand alone application, then we will stuff it into Ignition. So it may be a couple of months until I start breaking stuff. Hopefully 7.3 will be out by then.

In the mean time we have a couple of projects on the books to keep us busy over the summer.