Why Ignition Edge cannot access to system provider

Why Ignition Edge cannot access to system provider? I am trying to bind a perspective label with the user language at "[System]Client/User/Language.Value" but the value is Bad_NotFound.

Client tags are only for the vision module not perspective, you'll need to check the session props for this kind of information

How can i then get the user language in perspective ?

session.props.locale should do it.

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Is session.props.locale related automatically to connected user ? or it is the default gateway language ?
I want that if the user changes the language, it will be stored for all futur sessions, the user should not change the language at every session start.

It gets it from however it is set up in the project properties. If you want it as a user setting, then store the preference in a db table and reading it upon start.

Yes, but we cannot write in DB in ignition Edge.

Sorry, didn't pay attention to that part. :wink:

Then you are limited to using a dataset or document tag.

No problem, thank you for all your answers @JordanCClark and @Hayden_Watson.

A bit older thread, but you may find it of interest.

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