Why is Easy Chart Default Pen Aggregation Mode set to Min/Max?

Why is the Easy Chart default Pen Aggregation Mode Min/Max? This causes issues when you Export to Excel and it gives you multiple timestamps.

I was having the multiple timestamp issue when I would view exported data. I finally found some posts where they said change Aggregation Mode from Min/ Max. I selected Closest Value.

I had the Same Issue in 2018 that someone had in 2010. My question now is why is this Min/Max the Default?

I am having another issue that this post above might have the solution for by Setting Tag history mode to Discrete.

If you change a default, even if everyone thinks you have a good reason, you will break the systems of people who are using the default.
Don’t break existing user’s systems, or otherwise make it hard to upgrade. Set the aggregation mode for yourself and carry on.


Also, the export functionality built into the chart is not a replacement for a true data export - it’s there to quickly export the visible data on the chart, but too often is used as an actual compliance/quality export, when there are better tools (system.tag.queryTagHistory) available for that purpose.

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