Why my tooltips won't show up on bullets?

Hi, I am trying to figure out why my tooltips are not showing on a xychart in perspective.

Also I am wondering if its a problom of bool values. The bool values of props in the IDE are in lowercase (true/false) while in python it’s Uppercased (True, False). I am a bit confused in the way writing json/python object structure.

Here is pasted “serie json” props. This is called from within a function that returns the serie object then the single serie is appended to the series array.

def getSerieWithColor(layerId, hexColor):
serie = {
		'name':'Layer ' + str(layerId),
		'label':'Layer ' + str(layerId),
			'source':'data_layer' + str(layerId),
				'fill':{'color':hexColor, 'opacity':0},
return serie

I can’t speak to the actual problem, but I can help with this; yes, the way you’ve written your script is correct. Python’s True/False will be automatically encoded into JSON’s true/false when the Python dictionary is parsed into a JSON structure.