Why no Boolean Data Type Parameter option?

Seems fundamentally strange to exclude these as an option when building UDTs.
The only options for Data Type Parameters are:

I’d quite like bools to bind on the Enable property of an alarm. but instead i will have to use an integer and check for 0 and 1 which is a bit tacky.

What version of Ignition are you running?and what type of tag in the UDT? I can at least confirm that in the Ignition 8 Beta that boolean is an option, and I believe it was in 7.9.10 as well, but I don’t have a gateway booted up right now to check.

I’m using 7.9.10.

Your screen shot is for a UDT parameter, those are for configuring your tag when you create it from the UDT.
The actual tags INSIDE the UDT are where you would set the data type to Boolean.
Parameters are used for building the tag paths, tag names, etc for tags inside the UDT.
Not for setting the datatype of tags.

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I know that, but i want a boolean UDT parameter. For user configurable options of the tag. I don’t see why it hasn’t been added as an option.
A tag inside the UDT is no good for what i’m after. Like i said for something like enabling an alarm, so the engineer can decide when building a tag will it have alarms enabled or not.
You can do this with an integer and check for UDTParam =1 but thats not as nice.

Typically parameters are used to adjust addressing or names. If they want to enable and change alarm properties, I would just have them use an override for the UDT to turn them on or off. Your alternative can work as well, but I agree, it isn’t a nice solution.

Or create a boolean memory tag inside the UDT for it and reference that?
Create tag, open tag, toggle boolean?

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I agree there is many ways to achieve what i’m trying to achieve, but thats just one example. My point is that we should have the flexibility to do what we want, and get creative.
There is a lot of useful applications for UDT parameters outside of tag addressing.

I guess it’s probably better posted in the Ignition Features Request website.