Why no MariaDB driver with docker image

Hi, is there any reasoning for the MariaDB driver to not be included in the official docker image when it is normally bundeled with the installation files?

Many of the JDBC drivers were dropped from the standard install due to licensing issues. You can add it back yourself (as part of a gateway backup). CopyLeft licenses create peculiar corner cases when signed images are involved. A problem that doesn't occur with MIT/BSD type licenses, like that for PostgreSQL.

Ah, bummer, i tought the MariaDB was under the Apache 2.0 license? Luckily it was fairly easy to add it back myself.

This is one of the reasons I lead with PostgreSQL, for anyone who asks.

Is restoring a gateway backup the only way to put the JDBC driver back in docker?

I'm a little fuzzy on how the file system stuff would work in that environment.

A GWBK file is just a zip file, rename it as such, unzip it, and upload the driver from inside the relevant folder back onto your running gateway.

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I didnt do it this way, i had the driver on another gateway and just retrieved the .jar file from the installation folder and copied the driver settings from the other gateway.

Just for clarity, the Docker image does ship with the MariaDB Connector/J JDBC driver (currently version 2.7.3).

As already discussed, restoring a gateway backup applies the JDBC drivers preserved in the GWBK--this may be why you are seeing different JDBC driver sets available in your restored gateway container.