Why no message in the wrapper log?

I have a button that, when pressed, opens a popup window and passes a parameter to it. For troubleshooting purposes, I added a print statement before the openWindow call to see the parameter it was passing. The window opens just fine, but I never get a message in the wrapper log from the print statement. I even changed the print statement to just a simple print “Button pressed” and commented out the openWindow line and still nothing.

There are other messages popping into the wrapper log from other scripts, but not this one. Any idea why?

This script is running in the client/designer. Your scripts that execute in the gateway scope will go to the wrapper.log, but these client- and designer-scoped scripts will end up in the client console.

Doh! I should have remembered that, Kevin. Thanks. I have been away from Ignition for about a year, but will hopefully be back into it in full force very soon.

Can anyone provide me solution i want to log a string message in gateway diagnostic log from client event. Please help me out and let me know if this is practically possible or not?

The only way is to use system.util.sendMessage and a corresponding message handler on the gateway to actually create and use a logger.