Why OPC browser shows just 1 OPC connection when there are 2?

I have just imported edge vision project to the full Ignition Gateway.
Full ignition gateway has got 2 OPC connections: to itself as loopback and to the ignition edge on other PC.
I wonder why OPC browser shows only loopback connection to browse but not the other one to the Edge?
I created fresh test project on full gateway and this project shows 2 connections OK.

Is imported vision project from Edge somehow impaired ?
Do I need to copy edge vision project bit by bit instead of full import?

just realized that it was showing 2 connections because tag provider was selected as default but when i changed to edge it shows just 1 connection. So there is no difference between edge imported project and dummy project on the full gateway.

However i am trying to understand how things work - does anybody know why default tag provider allows 2 connection to be displayed in the opc browser while edge tag provider just 1?