Why perspective doesn't return a path error?

Good morning,
I have this temperature that was pointing to this old tag path as in picture. Yesterday I change the path because I created a sub folder so now the path is [default]Meteo/Act/Actual Temperature
but perspective doens’t return a path error, the temperature is stucked with the old value since yesterday (the tag is a memory tag).

Does the tag still exist in its old location? Can you post a pic of your tag structure in the tag browser?

No it doesn’t. I cut it and print in the new subfolder… The same situation in Vision is shown immediately as error.
Now in with the phone but I guarantee you that the tag is not there anymore. I found the mistake just because this morning the temperature was 15° and the label was still showing 20.6 from yesterday evening

Sounds like you might want to reach out to support for this.

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Sorry I update the answer before your reply. For me is not a problem, I found it out in short time, but maybe is a bug, this is why I open this topic :blush: