Why was MSSQL Server JDBC driver removed

Out of the box Ignition does not support MSSQLServer now. Is this intentional?
Does IA provide the JDBC driver or are we to rely on our own java knowledge to go out and find our own MSSQLServer JDBC driver? I am searching around and don’t know what to do or where to get the driver.

I’m sure the IA staff will jump in soon, but…

Ignition supports ANY JDBC compliant database. The only difference is you need to install your own JDBC driver. You will find on other forum posts that the matrix of JDBC/MSSQL and what Microsoft is doing with their drivers results in a lot of people having the wrong driver in the first place (I had the same issue when updating to Ignition8). So, rather than force you into an error situation that requires you to call support, just install one you know is compatible with your setup.

Here is a link to the drivers: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/connect/jdbc/download-microsoft-jdbc-driver-for-sql-server?view=sql-server-2017

Here is the support matrix to help you pick the right one… https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/connect/jdbc/microsoft-jdbc-driver-for-sql-server-support-matrix?view=sql-server-2017

Microsoft just has way to many flavors of DBs and with the recent Oracle Java changes that just makes even more versions! The 7.0 release is looking promising as a good release from Microsoft, but its still very new, but perhaps after some testing IA can make this the default.

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The JDBC stuff is in a weird spot in the beta right now.

We are dropping many of the JDBC drivers from the default install because their licenses do not allow redistribution.

We are also planning to make the JDBC install process for these drivers much easier, basically some kind of hand-holding “download from here then drag and drop here” type of process but it hasn’t been ironed out yet.


OK well put me firmly in the include MSSQL JDBC driver in the installer camp please!

I downloaded the Microsoft 7.0 and 6.0 JDBCs and neither seem to work with ignition 8.0 or I don’t know how to configure them to work properly. In the end I had to copy the MSSQL driver and translator setup and dig the sqljdbc4.jar out of an Ignition 7.9 installation to get things working. There is no way I would have just figured it out. Obviously I am one of those that would need hand holding to get it going.

MySQL is absolutely adequate for for development and small to medium sized installations. There are larger enterprise customers and or Microsoft shops that require MSSQLServer. I think not having MSSQL ready to go out of the box would be a hindrance to some new and existing Ignition users.

Thanks for the help.

We also use the JDBC extensively with DB2 connections. So if they stay part of the default install cool, or if not we will need the “how to manually turn them on” instructions.

The plan is to try and ship with support where licensing allows us, but a number of the current version drivers aren’t permissive in this sense, and the old versions of the drivers are incompatible with the new API. Our training/docs team will flesh out the situation more for release, but the gist is pretty simple: If we don’t ship with something you need, installation is pretty easy. As always, let us know if you have issues/additional questions.

Okay, I have tried to install the MSSQL JDBC driver and simply can’t get there. In 7 it was so easy - just click and connect. Would you be so kind and document the actual entries. It keeps telling me class not found / unknown source. I downloaded and used mssql-jdbc-7.0.0.jre10.jar followed this instructions but obviously I am missing something.

In your driver settings do you have the below as the classname?


For what it’s worth to everyone, the MSSQL driver (v7.0) will be added back in sometime soon; we’ve cleared things up on the licensing front.