Why would ignition not activate a license

I just installed a new pc with Ignition and got the license activated using a file and for some reason, it is still in the trial state. Why this computer does not do like the 30 others. I fail to understand the reason for that, there should be 4 module that are registered with that license key.

Any ideas?

Are there extra modules installed beyond the four you are licensed for?

There are a number of possibilities.

  1. The system ID used to prepare the offline request is different from the system ID the offline license is installed to.

  2. The offline license file was corrupted somehow, and the signature is now broken.

  3. The license key was used by someone else for another system, and the activation count is exhausted.

Might be other reasons. The activation system is opaque to non-IA developers, so you almost certainly need either actual support (not this forum) or help from your salesperson at IA.

Do look at the licensing page on your gateway, expanding the license you think you have. (A screenshot might help, but don’t show us your license key.)


What does that mean, not installed?

Hitting show all might give a bit more information, but it could be the license is for different versions than are installed, or those specific modules weren’t configured on that machine.

You should be able to address it by pulling the modl files from IAs download page, or re-running the installer.


Don’t know why it’s different version, never looked at that, never had that problem, But I can uninstall everything and request a new license file from the same key

After uninstall and reinstall, I created a new activation file, got the ipl and applied it.
I am still in trial, who can help with this?

Is this going to be the same issue with the 8 other licenses?

The license you are showing is for very limited duty as an OPC server for Modbus devices and generic TCP/UDP devices, not a typical install of Ignition. ($150 per IA’s pricing tool.) What modules are actually installed?

In every sites, Modbus, OPC-UA, UDP & TCP, manual.
so 3 modules and a free one.

For some reason, this one site will not register.

The invoice is 150$ per site x 9.

But the license page says the relevant modules aren’t installed. “Trial” will show up if you have other, unlicensed modules installed. Please show the list of actual modules installed on this one gateway. Compare to the ones that are working.

Everything is in Trial, which doesn’t make sense

Looks like a v8 license with a v7.9 install. Might be a bug related to that. Look at your other gateway’s licenses.

You mean, other sites?

Is this the first of the nine installs? You might need a special license from IA if you are installing v7.9 with plans to switch to v8 later. Mainly because the module “name” code in licenses changed for some modules between v7.9 and v8. You’ll need help from your salesperson if you are installing all of these as v7.9.

This is a 7.9 gateway with a license for version 8.x installed. If you’re not supposed to be running 8.0.x then call your sales rep and have them fix up the license.

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I have used the 7.9.10 version since the beginning, if there is a new installation, I can get the new download and try this.
Looking at another site, everything looks the same except that it says Activated.
Let me try to download a new release and try

Then the version numbers and module names in the license file for those gateways would be different. Again, your salesperson can help. (If you do one as v8, I’d recommend doing all nine as v8.)