Wide-area SCADA Architecture

Can the wide area SCADA Arquitecture be used to remotely back up servers or be used as a clustered architecture.
I understand the bandwith constraints could be a problem, but it would really fill in all the gaps with a disaster recovery plan.

You can remotely back up servers over a WAN using the scheduled backups feature.

The wide area SCADA architecture isn’t technically a cluster. You could create a redundant pair across a WAN link, but that’s not quite the same. (All client traffic would get directed to the active node)

Thanks for the reply, with remote backups one can fill in a disaster recovery plan.
If I undertand correctly in redundant pair over a WAN one would give up the load balancing feature and some clients (the ones that area in the remote site) would experience a slower responce time due to the WAN constraints.
Still it is much better than nothing or manual backups and remote site activation.

You can also record historical data to an SQL database at another location across a WAN link. Not a backup, but can be useful.

I may be making too many assumptions, but here goes. It’s probably not a good idea for a redundant (clustered) connection across a WAN link, although you certainly can do it. This is because clients will be load balanced and, during normal operation, you would rather that clients communicate with their local gateways (avoiding the WAN link). Remember that everything is web based so a client can run from a remote gateway, but you probably want to do this in the event that the local gateway is down.

I’ve seen successful applications with 2 relatively smaller projects where the gateways cross log the data and also store each others projects. This is a little less elegant, but can be highly effective.

Just to clear this up, as of 7.2 when redundancy replaced the old “clustering” system, clients no longer load-balance.