Wild Card certificate for SSL

I have wildcard certificate setup for ssl on my gateway which is signed by an internal CA, so it needs to be added to java key store. Using the new client launcher (version 1.1.0 with ignition 8.1.0) it should download the cert for you to the .ignition folder. How ever the wild card symbol seems to be preventing it from automatically downloading the cert to the folder as it tries to include the symbol in the file name.

After you launch the project the popup comes up asking you to trust the certificate, but when you press trust and try to launch the project you get an error:


In the client launcher log file you can see the error:

ERROR [RuntimeException ] [2020/12/09 12:57:41]: Uncaught exception in thread: JavaFX Application Thread
java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <*> at index 59:

This can be fixed by manually downloading the cert (and naming the file without the symbol ) and moving it to the folder but doing this is not always feasible for large organizations who need a lot of different users to have the client running. It would be good if this could be fixed so that it doesn’t try to use the symbol in the file name and users can download the cert by clicking the trust button.

Well that’s unfortunate. I’ll make sure a ticket is opened.

Hi Kevin,

Was this fixed in Ignition 8.1.2? What is the status of the ticket?

This ticket is currently assigned to next sprint.