WildCards in Tag Paths, Gateway Events Tag Change

Hey all,
I’m attempting to use Tag Change Gateway events with the MQTT Engine Module.

Essentially we have several devices that communicate their data via MQTT and we want a log of how many signals we receive per hour. I’ve written a script to gather these and count them up.

The Ignition Manual says the Tag Paths can have wildcards
[MQTT Engine]application/4/device/xxxxxxxxxx/rx/* works fine, and can pull in a tag.

But I want a wild card in the directory itself as we may add many instruments later and I don’t want to manually add all of their names individually if possible
[MQTT Engine]application/4/device/+/rx/+
Note: I replaced the * with a + in this example as it italicizes

But this doesn’t seem to work, is there any work around people have

The wildcard only works at the end of the tag path.

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