Will flex views scale on a coordinate/tab view

was wondering when to use flex or coordinate, right now I want a single interface to be used for desktop and phone, seemed flex was the way to go, but wasn’t sure how it would work with a mixture.Thx, Jake

Anybody have any thoughts on this?Thx, Jake

The flex container is a pretty good all-purpose container that will resize its content based on available screen size. If you want to display a single view and just have it resize based on available sceen size, that’s certainly the way to go.

Breakpoint Containers are also a great way to present different content (perhaps less busy/detailed) as you scale down the size of the screen. I would recommend this if you want to present slightly different content on a mobile device vs a desktop display.

I’m thinking what I’ll end up doing is making my templates flex and them throw them on coordinate view that will work on phones and desktop. If the main window is flex it stretches everything too much. I could try a bunch of nesting flex controllers to get column and row flex in a single view, but I’ve been told I’ll take a performance hit if I have too many flex views on a view.